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We recommend all photography to be high resolution at least 72-300dpi at full size or a minimum of 3000x2000 pixels. 720dpi @ 10th scale is equal to 72dpi @ full size. RAW picture format is ideal for photo images.

Do not Crop or Cut-Out any part of the graphic. Please submit a solid rectangle for each side (Do-Not clip-path or power-clip wheel-wells, windows or the shape of the vehicle). Only use that for the low resolution "go by" file.

Specify critical colors as Pantones; Only pantones will be color matched upon the clients request. Color matching of images (bitmaps) will not be exact and extra costs may be incurred to adjust images. (Extensive color matching WILL incur additional costs) We recommend files to be setup in CMYK color mode. Setting up in RGB will vary the colors and may have unexpected results. Due to differences in monitors and color settings of computer screens, color matching via computer or email is not possible and will not be expected.

​Be sure to set-up artwork so that the vehicle outline template is on a  separate layer from your graphics. Thank You.

Highly Preferred File Type: Adobe Photoshop .EPS, .TIFF, .PSD or .PSB or Adobe Illustrator .EPS, .AI 

Files should be designed at 1/10 scale at 720dpi.(Example; for every 1" = 10")

Prepare Text or Line Art (such as logo's) in Vector format and convert all fonts to paths/curves/outlines.

When using images in artwork, be sure to embed all images.

Add a minimum 6" bleed on Top, Bottom, Left and Right.

You may scale-down artwork to any size however it is extremely important that all files are in proportion. (Please note EXACT final size of graphic when submitting files)

We will not be responsible for typo errors, sizing errors or color issues after you approve and submit your files.

​Please contact our art department here for a link to upload your large files or any questions.