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Front Lit Channel Letters Front lit channel letters use lights to illuminate the face of the letters. This is done with a translucent acrylic face and lights that shine from within the letter itself. Front lit channel letters are the most common type of channel letter and they draw attention during the day or night.

Reverse Channel Letters When selecting a channel letter sign, reverse channel letters are used by clients who want an impactful, classy look for their signage. They are mounted away from the wall so that the light forms a halo behind them, which is why they’re often called “halo”or “backlit” letters.

Open Face Channel Letters Open Face channel letters are an excellent choice for businesses that need a highly conspicuous night signage presence, such as restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Neon is the illumination source, and the neon is actually exposed (instead of being encased behind colored acrylic.) The face of this letter is typically open, but an optional clear acrylic face is also available. An open face letter return (side) is 3” instead of the usual 5”. This gives the neon illumination full exposure and ensures the sign can be easily read.

Front/Back Lit Channel Letters Front and back-lit channel letters create striking illumination for channel letter signage. In this option, the channel letters are illuminated both from the front and the back. The effect is slightly different and more dramatic than illuminating from either side. Read on for an overview of front-lit, back-lit and both front-and-back-lit channel letters.Front-lit Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs Channel letter signs are an impactful signage choice. They are 3-D letter signs that are dynamic, eye-catching, and sure to attract customers to your client’s store. The letters are bold, individually-lit, and individually-built to ensure the most visibility.

Need a Illuminated sign?

Acrylic is a translucent plastic material used for the front (or face) of a channel letter sign.
This sturdy material is similar to glass but is stronger, lighter and more impact resistant.
Acrylic offers an excellent color selection to customize the appearance of a channel letter set.
Acrylic is a long lasting material, and maintains a clean and bright appearance even in harsh climate conditions.

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Aluminum sign cabinet with translucent high performance plastic face with bright graphics for day and night viewing. Internally lit with LEDs and completely self contained. Build of lightweight and corrosion resistant materials for easy installation and long life. Sign is built similar to channel letters but larger and of thicker and reinforced materials for increased structural integrity.

 All our signs carry the UL label and are tested and inspected by a UL certified inspector.

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