What is a Color Change Vehicle Wrap?

Color Change Vehicle Wraps are vinyl wraps that cover your existing factory paint on your vehicle. There are many color-change wrapping films to choose from today with many colors and finish options. These products allow you to change your vehicle’s paint color which not only changes the color and look, but also protects your paint from fading and wear and tear from the weather elements. The best thing is that when you grow tired of that color or look, have it removed and try something else! Color Change Wraps are easy to maintain and repair because small portions can be fixed in case of an accident.

How much is a Color Change Vehicle Wrap?

Here at Print Blitz we offer you the highest industry standards in vinyl and most of all installations on your vehicle because we are experienced and seek new enrichment daily.    We have been installing vehicle wraps before they were called "wraps". (over 20 years.) We offer you a quality job at a fair price.

 When requesting a quote, we need to see the actual vehicle that will be wrapped. You will need to stop by for measurements or send photos. Every vehicle is different and every quote is different so we do not have set prices for every vehicle model.

You can choose to have the whole vehicle wrapped to change the paint color, add vehicle striping or graphics or just wrap sections like the hood, roof, truck or tailgate for that unique look. Click here for 3M 1080 Colors  Click here for Avery Colors. Stop by to see actual color and texture samples

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